5 Strategies for Marketing Your Home When You’re Selling it Yourself

Get the most out of selling your own home

1. A picture is worth a thousand words

Make sure your photos are high quality. Taking photos on bright days with clear skies is always best. To avoid harsh lighting, consider scheduling your photoshoot when the sun is behind your home.

2. Advertise wherever you can

Explore ways to advertise that may not be immediately obvious. Let all your friends know to leverage any word of mouth interest. Take advantage of community forums – Facebook, Nextdoor, even local email newsletters or Reddit forums may be chock full of potential buyers. Of course, always be weary of safety concerns and ensure that you're careful with the information you include online.

3. Price intelligently

Price to sell. Pricing your home is often the most difficult part of selling. Always keep in mind that buyers are usually pricing your home based on comps – homes similar to yours that have recently sold in the neighborhood. Listing over market value may cause your listing to go stale, significantly and often permanently devaluing your home.

4. Be responsive and available

Answer interested buyers promptly. This drives trust, but is also crucial to keeping the momentum going and making sure buyers don’t go elsewhere.

5. List on Unlisted

Unlisted is a platform for selling your home without having to deal with the hassle of listing. We handle the photography and advertise your home to a broad audience of qualified buyers. All the while, we ensure we don't expose any personal information – this means that prospective buyers won't see your home address, name, or contact information. We also allow you to share your home with our community without selecting a price. You'll receive offers from prospective buyers, helping you understand your home value.