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Buyers can access our exclusive inventory of homes with an invitation from their real estate agent. Click here to share Unlisted with your agent. We’ll send them instructions so they can sign up and you can get started browsing homes.


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Once you receive an invitation, browse through our extensive selection of homes. Once you love a home, start a conversation with the homeowner.
If you don’t find anything you like, share your criteria with us here, and we’ll proactively look for off-market homes for you.


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“We were struggling to find homes on the market. Either we didn’t like the options or when we did, we kept losing bidding wars. We love that Unlisted allows us to explore a broader set of homes. If you don’t see a home you love, you can also share your criteria and they will look for a home for you. Unlisted was a huge unlock for us.”

Eric & Shelby K. Miami Beach