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Why Unlisted

Close quicker, make money faster

When you close quicker, you can take on more clients which means more money in your pocket.

Better buyer experience

We'll make it easy to provide the best buyer experience for your clients. Not only will they want to work with you again, they'll refer their friends!

No cost to you

We can’t do our job without you, so you’ll keep 100% of your commission.

More listings

Make money from new listings you never would have discovered.

List Discreetly

Listings without the hassle

Marketing and listing are expensive and time consuming. Skip it with Unlisted.

Aligned incentives

We’re on your side, so we only make money when you do.

How it Works

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Share your buyer's criteria

Tell us what your buyer is looking for. 


Select homes

Browse the recommended options tailored to your client’s criteria. Use our recommendations to select several homes on your client’s behalf. We recommend selecting a minimum of ten homes for best results.


We make the magic happen

Our team will get in touch with the homeowners and help them get excited about selling their home to your client.


Tour and buy

Once a homeowner agrees to show your client their home, we’ll reach out to schedule a tour. From there, you’ll proceed with the typical home buying process.


Make your commission

When the home is sold, you’ll make your standard commission. Unlisted will not charge you any fees.


Join the network

Join our network of agents across South Florida to get priority access to offers on homes you’ve previously represented.


Receive an offer

We’ll reach out to you when an offer is placed through our platform on a home you’ve previously represented.


Share the offer

You’ll communicate the offer with the homeowner and assess their willingness to sell. You’ll share their sentiment with our team and we’ll work to get to an agreed-upon price or range.


Tour and sell

Once a homeowner agrees to show their home, we’ll schedule the tour. We’ll work with all parties to get to a formal offer. From there, you’ll proceed with the typical home selling process.


Make your commission

When the home is sold, you’ll make your standard commission, less our 25% referral fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Join the network

Join the best agents in South Florida, helping their clients discover their dream home and earning more listings along the way.

“All of our 70 agents use Unlisted to expand the options they can give their clients. As a broker that appreciates technology, I value new tools that allow us to provide better service to our clients!”

Gustavo B. Terrabella Realty